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Corporate Communication


Image, innovation and CSR

Many large companies have taken advantage of the experience of M&C to implement projects and models of communication.

Microsoft has asked us to design a model for CRM promotion in the public market, Johnson & Johnson to realise cultural communication tools for surgeons around the world, McDonald's has entrusted us with the communication to franchisees, for Nestlé we have designed a virtual trade fair and a real event, we have organised for Agip the 40th anniversary of the company's presence in Egypt, and for Coca-Cola we have developed a model to support the trade marketing that was applied to 4,000 retail outlets in northern Italy. Today our attention and research are focused on the outcomes of Expo 2015 and on the Jubilee, great opportunities for businesses and local areas wishing to present and promote themselves in the international market.

Technology is not enough, even if we have won the call for tender on social communication for ATM, the Milan leading transport company. It is necessary to tell the story of a vision, having the ability to create interest and attention, using contacts effectively. In the CSR area, we have implemented models to create partnerships with the public administration for the development of local territories and with the Third Sector for social sustainability.