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Real and virtual big events


From the Jubilee to the virtualisation of territories, local institutions and companies

M&C’s most significant reference in this area is the planning and management of all the Jubilee great events, co-promoted by the Italian State and by the Vatican in 2000.
The entire management of all the events, including sponsorship and the organisation of twelve publications of international relevance and of the related events at the Vatican Museums and at great national libraries, has allowed the team to gain international experience in the area of merchandising and co-marketing.

Moreover, M&C, as a partner with management responsibility in the project “City of Innovation”, co-financed by Moratti’s Group, the Ministry of the Budget and CIPE, has gained specific experience in the design of models of environments, fairs, businesses, virtual events that have been developed in the following years as prototypes and application achievements. The regional project Laziocineland, the virtual transport museum of ATAC Roma, the Virtual Foundation Mario Tobino, the network databases for the Lombardy Region, MUSA in Pietrasanta (sculpture and architecture), the Torre Guinigi Museum in Lucca are only a few examples.

Today M&C manages together with the National Carlo Collodi Foundation the project Virtual Pinocchio, aimed at the creation of the European Fairytale Route, and supports the process of the creation of the 2020 Great Park in Collodi and the international roadshow organized by Metamorphosis for the internationalization of the most famous puppet in world. Finally, we have also obtained the prestigious assignment to support communication and fundraising for the 2016 Tuscany Committee, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the great flood of 1966.