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High-level partners

M&C has senior experts in Milan, the home base, Rome, Lucca, and Florence. The network of collaborations enables the rapid construction of teams dedicated to each customer, project or tender. In the last three years, M&C has gained a specific budget of 1,800,000 euro working for Public Administrations, with the opportunity either to apply alone to important calls for tender, or as a partner of big networks.

We have built strategic networks, and we have won important calls for tender with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hill&Knowlton, Italdata, Elea, Microsoft, Lucense (Technological Hub in Lucca) and the National Centre for Volunteering. We are currently partner of two European projects: Demotics (accountability of politics to the voluntary sector) and ENCLOSE, which aims to test and share a model of smart city based on the sustainable transportation of goods in small and medium-sized historic cities in Europe.