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Public Sector Marketing


A common development vision

M&C has supported more than 400 governments in 25 years of activity, planning and taking actions to encourage the growth of civic sense and citizenship, to improve the knowledge of services and accessibility, to read satisfaction and expectations allowing those who govern to operate with the involvement of citizens and to communicate with them, to create paths of internal communication making the public structure more efficient.  M&C has also realised for important areas integrated projects of cultural marketing, area plans, models of tourism marketing, major events. We have supported programs in territories interested in attracting investments, we have organised road shows and planned the use of traditional and innovative tools of communication.

One fundamental resource are schools, as partners to create dialogue among them, public services and families. “The City of Children”, a project of the City of Malnate developed with local authorities of the Expo area, has created widespread awareness about the importance of the role of young citizens, and has promoted within families new patterns of behaviour, related to autonomy and to the expression of needs. A new project called "CivicGames"is now starting, with the aim of creating tools of civic learning for young people and to foster collaboration through workshops involving young people-schools-families.